Your Premier Kitchen Household Importer and Trader 

Welcome to Elhaddad Company, your dependable source for all your domestic needs in the kitchen. We have established a reputable name in the kitchen household goods trade thanks to our long history of excellence and dedication to quality.  


Our Story:

  • Elhaddad Company, which was founded in 1980, has a solid basis built on enthusiasm, commitment, and a comprehensive knowledge of the kitchenware sector. To satisfy the always changing needs of our devoted clients, we have evolved and adjusted over time. 

Our Vision: 

  • Our goal is to establish ourselves as the world's top importer and seller of household goods, boosting lifestyles and enhancing homes around the globe. We aspire to be known as the premier supplier of innovative, superior goods that inspire and transform daily life. 

Our Mission: 

  • Our goal at Elhaddad Company is to offer our clients the finest kitchen and household goods obtained from all around the world. We are committed to improving your eating and culinary experiences by providing high-quality goods that successfully combine style, practicality, and value.  
  • We strive to become the go-to location for individuals and families looking for distinctive and useful answers to their everyday requirements through our commitment to client satisfaction. 
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